My Wife Suggested Couples Counseling

Here is my video on what to do if "My Wife Suggested Couples Counseling".  The video also looks at why people avoid getting help and what to do about that.  Please click on the link below to be taken to the Youtube video, with my responses about what to do if your partner suggests couples counseling.

If Your Marriage is Heading towards Disaster

This video is about what to do if your marriage is really just coming apart...or if you and your partner are feeling so emotionally distant, that you are not even sure if you are still in a relationship.  Or, if your relationship just feels so bad, you don't know how if could continue much longer.  Click the button below to watch it.

How Bickering Hurts Relationships

Bickering is a communication approach that is damaging to relationships.  Underneath the bickering is a desire to have your needs met, but without an effective way of communicating your needs.  This video suggests some ways to stop bickering, and to find healthier communication skills.

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Blog Article

Pet Peeves in Relationships

Everyone has an internal blueprint or plan on how a household should be put together and how a family should operate.  For instance:  one person may prefer keeping a sponge to the left side of the sink.  Their partner may prefer the sponge be kept to the right side of the sink, or under the sink, or even in a special sponge container.  Every single thing in the house could potentially have an internal “rule” about where it should go.  A more common issue that comes up in marriage counseling is how to load the dishwasher, or just how to process dirty dishes.  And every single activity performed in the family could have a “rule” as well.  These rules are based on a variety of factors:  (to continue)