Many couples have questions about my services and about making their marriage more successful.  Here are some of the many questions:

My partner says he will never change, that he is just the way he is.  Is there any hope?

This is what some people say.  I’ve never found it to be true.  Everyone can change.  They just need the right motivation, the right support, and the right information.  Making a change is sometimes called personal growth.  It’s one of the ways we become better people and better partners.  Personal growth is usually a positive experience…people feel good about getting even better.

Does a product like yours, really make a difference in improving relationships.

Yes, the right information can make a big difference in how successful you feel, in your relationship.  I have heard people tell me that just reading a few of my ideas about creating a better relationship, completely turned their relationship around.  Now, to be realistic, reading a few suggestions may not be enough.  Sometimes you may need more than just my free report.

Do you recommend couples therapy or marriage counseling in addition to using my reports and video training?

Definitely.  While studying my products can be majorly helpful, it can be very helpful to many couples, to also be in couples counseling.  You may even want to let your counselor know what your experiences are, with my products, reports, and videos.

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