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My Approach

Don Wallach has helped hundreds of couples have happier and healthier relationships.  In his over 20 years of working with couples, in person, he has found that most couples get stuck around similar issues.  He has developed a method to address the places where couples can get stuck, and help them improve their communication, repair the damage to their relationship, and move on into a happier, more present, more connected, and more passionate marriage.

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My Story

For years I worked with couples in my office.  They came to me for help with their marriage challenges.  I worked with couples of all different ages.  Some had been together for decades and still got stuck in painful interactions.  Some couples had been together for less than a year, and already knew they were stuck and needed help.  I worked out an approach that helps couples learn how to express their needs in a different way, and to learn how to understand their partners needs in a different way, from what they had been doing previously.

Meet Donald Wallach

Please let me know if you have any specific needs, or are looking for a specific product, whether its an online webinar or video product.  If you are in the San Francisco Bay Area, I may be able to meet with you personally, for a couples session, or individual strategy session, about your relationship.

Don Wallach

Couples Specialist

Next Steps…

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